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April 2020

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I just posted this a few days ago on instagram, if you would like to check it out.

(I will attempt to link it below) I am learning and loving this new thing called blogging. Although I haven't fully immersed myself into this, I will its just a matter of time before opening up this laptop becomes is easier.

Writing is a way I'm able to express myself in so many ways, along with photography and basically science because well- it takes science to formulate something. Especially skincare and I am obsessed with ingredients what they do, how they do it. The world of science, nature, skin care, and everything surrounding it just fascinates me.

I've found my passion, calling, everything I'm intrigued by everything all wrapped up into one magical industry. I have no limits, its extraordinary. All I want to do is tell you all about it & hopefully help in the process. The absolute BEST part is I get to help people feel better about themselves, fix their skin and overall health.

That's what IslandSkin808 is all about, helping you.

Back to this picture, this is exactly what's happening and we are being reminded of how badly we've abused Mother Nature, its not ok.

When this is all over I hope we appreciate the little things in life. Smilie more, be happy, enjoy the people around you.

We are in this together!!

The earth deserves us to be more concerned about what is happening around us, we owe it to her.

Please stay safe & Aloha!


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