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Aloha Saturday!

It’s a beautiful Saturday in Hawaii, although it was storming last night! Seriously I love the weather, land, waterfalls, mountains, Hawaii period! It’s truly a treasure and honestly a blessing to be born and raised here! I’ve experienced the Paniolo Lifestyle as a child and learned so much from my amazingly talented Hawaiian grandparents! Also so much more from my Irish/Austrian grandparents, two worlds colliding to create us. I’m the eldest of my siblings and it’s honestly a blessing to be a big sister. I love that job, especially growing up! To this day I will always remember the great memories we shared together and my baby bro as our “Special Angel “ I can say Legends never die. I’m proud to be a big sister and for the time I had with him! It’s a blessing that I treasure and now my son reminds me of him in so many ways. I’m thankful grateful and beyond blessed!

I hope you’re having a fabulous day! Take the time to practice self care because it’s NOT SELFISH!

Wishing you the best always!

Thanks for stopping by, be back with skincare soon!




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