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Hair Deetz!

#gifted by Living Proof is their amazing *NEW * Scalp Care Density Hair Serum and I’m loving this formula! It’s hydrating, easy to apply, absorbs well, and I seriously recommend this one for anyone who has hair! She also helps with the prevention of GREY hair babes! Yasss! 🙌🏼

💜Get it here

Overall it’s a great size, the scent isn’t there or its that I don’t smell it. It does help with my hair style though, love my waves it leaves all day!! I’m just usually in a bun or something but when I leave it down I actually get really nice compliments!

Plus it helps prevent gray hair! Seriously I wish I had this beauty at 20!

My hair is loving this beauty too!

Mahalo Living Proof!

#livingproofinc @livingproofinc


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