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Aloha, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Updated: May 15, 2021


My name is Leah and I have a confession......I have a skin care obsession. I discovered this when I got pregnant at 38 and couldn't use the products I just spent over $350 on.

Cut 2 year's later and now a busy mom of 2 I find the time to share my passion for skin, overall wellness, beauty, fashion and the hidden gems of Hawai'i.

This is a shot of a hike I went on and came across the bamboo forest.

I also plan to travel more with my family and will share that with you too!!

Born on the island of Oahu in the town we call Kahalu'u, it is nestled under the Ko'olau Mountain Range. I was raised to respect the land and ocean in every way. My middle Hawaiian name is Moana, given to me by my grandmother.

I have a love for Hawai'i that's indescribable, I will show you through my content and thoughts.

This is a place for you to come and allow me to share what I've learned about skin care I've tried and reviewed, plus products I can offer you discounts on.

I truly enjoy helping people and just want to make your life easier when it comes to self-care. It is so important!!

Let me help you make better choices for your skin, with some Hawaiian beauty to go with it.

Has some am products and coupons!!


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