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August 1st, too soon!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Aloha beautiful people! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

But I have some things on my mind, one is that August 1st Hawaii is supposed to “open” I don’t agree. It’s too early.

This is the Ko’olau Mountain range-my fave mountain & me with a @kooding mask. In Hawaii you have to wear a mask, everywhere! Luckily my 4 homes have been graced by her. I grew up under her beauty, ran & hunt through her valley’s on horseback, rodeos with this magnificent and majestic view from every angle. She is beautiful, full of history, our neighborhood-my ancestors lived abundantly here with the pigs & river that runs through. She’s also mysterious, people have gone for a hike been lost and never found. A lot of people come from all around the world to hike #thestairwaytoheaven in the Ko’olau mountain range, even locals. So here’s my question. If this is such a beautiful place to be and go.

Why do people come & do this hike with disrespect?

Leaving rubbish of every kind anywhere, using people’s water & taking their parking. Let me explain-there’s limited parking & we pay for our water. Groups walking in the middle of the road when people are driving home from work or taking our children to school, there’s sidewalks btw. Honestly it’s like everyone that comes to hike it does it with straight disrespect and it’s disgusting!

It’s a huge fight and has been for years. I lived at the foot of the trail and personally experienced it personally, you can’t imagine. I’ve been woken up at 5am (pregnant)people talking or using my hose outside my window, ready for a hike not thinking they’re standing next to someone’s home. Seriously you’re in a neighborhood.

Currently there’s people trying to save it, other people just want it shut down. There’s community meetings about it but have been difficult because of Covid. There’s a number of current different issues #wearemaunakea #savepuohalavillage #savesharewoods are just a fee others. Now the government wants to bomb a small island Molokini. #savemolokininow

It’s like we’re still fighting to keep our land and respect. If you have time, please sign the petition the link is in my bio.

My advice if you choose to #visithawaii please come with love & respect, you will get that and ALOHA!! Do the quarantine if need be and do it correctly! You will be watched, fined, & flown back-if you think you’re smarter than us you’re not. We have a team of people watching you from the day you arrive. We care about our island & our kūpuna(elders)! Wear a mask, follow the rules-we do! Also there’s a fine if you don’t-$5k from what I hear.

This is a message from my heart and I hope you understand, I love Hawai’i!

Stay safe and well!!



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