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Love Organic Probiotics!

Updated: May 15, 2021

Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skin Care is a new indie company that I am loving! What’s so impressive is Elina herself is the Chief formulator & she creates these amazing products. She’s Also the President of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, plus she is an Award Winning Esthetician. These are new to me and I’m so impressed with the quality of the products as well as the ingredients. I’ll be watching this line throughout the years. Every product is created by Elina & is hand crafted in her laboratory with the purest form of Phyto organic ingredients-ONLY! WOW!! This pure Phyto system allows for deep delivery and instant results.

She was so kind and gifted me 2 of her products to try, the Probiotic Polish and Peel. I absolutely love both!! Although I hadn’t expected anything less, I’ve read so many amazing reviews about her line.

💫💫Click on this picture and shop!!💫💫

🌈The Probiotic Polishing Mask is a mix of organic ingredients and friendly bacteria to help restore your skin’s natural balance. I recommend you wet your skin before applying it. Holy Hexk my skin feels like I took a layer off but so hydrated. I love that completely polished my skin to a glow! Deeply hydrating with live cultures I absolutely love the way my skin feels and looks after using this mask, it’s instantly brighter after use. She recommends it for dry skin but you can on any skin type.

🌈The Probiotic Peel is a leave-on serum that perfectly compliments the mask or for daily use. Also made with that friendly bacteria to aid & skin’s restoration. As well as brighten, restore, & smooth texture out and your hydrate skin’s natural balance with live cultures. It’s a leave on peel with a similar texture to a watery serum, I’m loving this formula. It’s a great one mixes well with others too.

Have you tried organic skincare with live cultures? Like it?

Products gifted by brand, thoughts are mine*

I can’t wait to try more Elina Organics, check them out at

Mahalo Elina for creating some amazing organic skincare!!


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