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Affordable and Amazing ingredients

So I wanted to get some content up! I am new to this blogging world, ju noticed I had a bunch of shots I uploaded for blog posts and it just posted. So I fixed that and am now writing just a little something for you!

Hope you enjoy #flowertexture for you! I hope this

#beautyplantlay makes you happy when you see it! And you feel the #alohaspirit in my content I create.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I appreciate all of you!

Excited for all the positive vibes, new faces, beautiful #originalcontent new products & faces to come.

I sincerely hope you & your families are keeping well & Staying in! I send prayers & so much #aloha

How did you spend your day?

Dear Dot is a Korean Skin Care company that makes some powerful ampoules and the coolest way of cleansing your skin. I think they have amazing ingredients and seem promising & effective with continued use. This kit was offered on a app I use, it was $3.99 to try and I had to!

The kit contains in my opinion a spa-like experience water cleanser, it comes with 10 packets for 5 uses along with a 1 oz Hydro-Brightening Ampule full of hyaluronic acid & nacinamide-check out that #texture

The packets are poured in a bowl of warm water, mixed and you immerse your face for up to 3 minutes. It has a 5.5 ph level and fizzes up combined, super cool! Swipe for ingredients.

💫My Thoughts💫

Absolutely love the cleansing method!! I was a bit skeptical, the company is awesome and instructed me. I’ve never experienced or expected the results I got with 1 use. So impressive!! I recommend this all day!! Babes seriously my skin has a #glow

I have 4 more treatments that I’m saving for special occasions, it seems perfect for 1-2xs a week. The Hydro Brightening Ampoule is divine, I love how it absorbs and hydrated, perfect duo! Found the kit on Amazon for $60, I am definitely getting more of these!

Thanks @deardot_official & @08liter_usa for the opportunity



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