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Clean Skin Care by Fleur & Bee 🐝

Aloha beautiful people,I hope you’re keeping yourself safe, well.

Remember to be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t touch your face, wash your hands, WEAR A MASK. Don’t be selfish! Oh & get some good hand cream. This virus has taken a toll on the island’s & our economy. It’s sad in so many ways, I’m staying positive & hopeful that we can “live” again or at least try. Honestly I don’t want to take my son anywhere with people or in public without a mask, I just got some children sized ones for him & I’m so happy about that! It’s just a scary situation all around. On a better note...

Have you heard of Fleur & 🐝 Bee??

In other news....

I’m overjoyed to let you know I be an ambassador of Fleur & Bee!! They are simply amazing creating a natural, clean beauty skin care line of effective products. After discovering them earlier in the year I was hooked with their natural formulas!

It was amazing meeting Jenna and Celeste & getting to know more about this awesome company. They sent out the most generous and thoughtful “Welcome Box” with a hand written note and the entire line in it some cute swag & even samples to pass out.

I’ve tried & love most of these beauties & will let you know about the rest, btw that serum Nectar of the C is Ah-Mazing!’

Just so you know every product is carefully crafted with natural ingredients to make your skin happy! 100% Vegan, no nasties, sustainably sourced, no artificial fragrances &/or parabens. Good clean skin care plus every product is less than $30, that’s awesome! The packaging is adorable in the dark brown colored glass containers with hints of pink covers & white labels, love!

Also 1% of all sales are donated to Days for Girls, a charity that helps distribute menstrual hygiene products to girls in need. They’ve already sent in a $50 donation in my name, how special is that! I’m honored & grateful to be apart of such a wonderful company & team. Here’s a shot of that amazing Detox Mask texture, it makes my skin feel so good!

If you’d like to experience anything for yourself, I’ve got a discount code for you


gets you 20% off your order of amazing skin care & know your donating to a great cause & making a difference at the same time.

Pr samples for review, love all is me.


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